Drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and collage are the most common practices I employ.

I prefer to let the work I make speak on its own, without too much analysis.

When working, Intentions are formed, sometimes vague, sometimes more specific.
I don’t define them too closely, as almost invariably the results are unexpected or subverted in the final work. This inadvertent outcome is most often what I like best.

The coffee filter works are an ongoing series begun in the late 1980s. This humble, recycled paper provides a resilient, inviting base for experimentation and play, and provides a blank, if stained, slate, for ever-evolving thought and visual action.

b. Mt. Clemens, MI

solo exhibitions
17 Inadvertent Intentions, Deborah Berke Partners, New York, NY
11 Synergy, Cora Ginsburg, New York, NY
04 Refiltered, Semi Public, Asheville, NC
03 Refiltered, 354 Exhibitions, Brooklyn, NY
02 Filters, 354 Exhibitions, Brooklyn, NY
00 354 Exhibitions, Brooklyn, NY
Semi Public, Asheville NC
99 Basmajian Gallery, New York, NY
97 410 DeGraw, Brooklyn, NY
94 The Captain’s Bookshelf, Asheville, NC
92 135 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY
89 BATH (installation) 8 rue du Perche, Paris

group exhibitions
17 Kentler International Drawing Center Benefit, Brooklyn, NY
09 Beauty Marks & Body Parts, Alpan Gallery, Huntington, NY
02 Print 2002, 354 Exhibitions, Brooklyn, NY
Monoprints from the Screen, Belk Gallery, WCU, Cullowhee, NC
Semi Public, Asheville NC
01 354 Exhibitions, Brooklyn, NY
Semi Public, Asheville NC
88 A Question of Space: Mind Over Matter, Rye Arts Center, Rye, NY
87 DRIFT (installation) L’Ambiente Gallery, New York, NY
Intimate Paintings/Five Painters, PS122 Gallery, New York, NY
83 New Work, New York, Newcastle Polytechnic Institute, Newcastle, England
82 New Drawing in America, The Drawing Center, New York, NY
81 Selections 14, The Drawing Center, New York, NY

MFA School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

New York Public Library Print Collection
Private and corporate collections